Sport it is a Lifestyle Evolution!

Zepplin Aero 12’ 6” Classic Also 10’6” Zepplin Aero Classic inflatable

Much like its big brother, the Zeppelin 10′ is a recreational kayak that is big on features, but small on size. We’ve taken our 12′6″ tandem kayak and turned...

Inflatable Dock 7 Classic

The BOTE Dock is a floating inflatable dock + swim platform. Simple. It’s highly stable, incredibly durable construction makes the BOTE dock one of the most versatile products we...

5-Piece Adjustable Kayak Paddle

The perfect compliment to your Aero Kayak is our 5-piece adjustable kayak paddle. Adjustable from 235cm to 260cm and the 5-piece construction allows this paddle to be just as...

Drift Aero 10″ 8″ Classic

NOW WITH MAGNEPOD? The MAGNEPOD? magnetic base is a revolutionary, tool-less drink retention system that makes securing your BOTE magnetic drinkware a snap.

From Couch to Community & Beyond

Our Story

Stand-up paddleboarding — better known as SUPing — is one of the most invigorating and paradoxically relaxing outdoor diversions to go mainstream.

As is said there is nothing new under the sun. It seems that stand-up paddling in some form or another has been around for thousands of years. Ancient cultures from the Florida Peninsula to Africa to South America used boards, canoes, and other watercraft propelled with a long stick to fish, travel, make war, and even ride waves. For nearly 3,000 years, Peruvian fisherman used a craft called a “Caballitos de Totora”, a small craft made of reeds that is so called because its instability made it like riding a horse. They used a long bamboo shaft somewhat like an elongated kayak paddle, and after a day’s fishing they would surf the waves in just for fun. In fact, its quite possible that this is the true roots of all surfing, let alone stand-up surfing.

Whether you’re a surfer who wants a laid-back way to cruise island inlets, a river rat looking to up the ante on rapids, or just a couch potato trying to get in a great workout, partake in gorgeous sightseeing or commune with nature all at once, SUPs provide unparalleled fun and are available to anyone and any age.  Just add water.

In today’s market, there is a dizzying array of boards for fishing, racing, river running, flat water, and yes, surfing. Constructions run the gamut from exotic epoxies, carbon, and fiberglass to incredibly durable foam and inflatable models. The choices can be overwhelming — especially for those new to paddleboarding.


“We at City Paddleboards are here to help,” confirms Tommy Van Gunten, a Eustis native and civic leader.  He is the sole proprietor of the family-owned outlet and destination.  He has test-driven the inventory in his shop whilespending countless hours on the surrounding lakes, tidal creeks, streams, springs, lakes and of course, the open ocean. For the best stand-up paddleboards, we’ve broken them down into four categories:  Inflatablesofthard (surfing), and fishing — taking the beginner and first-time buyer into account.

We are not just a vendor. We are a social magnet for inveterate Paddleboard aficionados and newbies.

Ask about our upcoming club memberships and calendar of City Paddleboard gatherings.

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is not only a Sport it is a Lifestyle Evolution!